Crawl Baltimore

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Crawl Baltimore FAQ’s

What is a “Pub Crawl”?

A Pub Crawl is a group of people visiting several bars within a given time frame. Pub Crawls offer a fun and different way to meet new people, bond with old friends, and sample fantastic food and drinks at a city’s top bars and restaurants.

How many people participate in each Pub Crawl?

The size of the crawl varies greatly depending on the event. Pub Crawls can be completed by just a few people, or by many. Most Crawl Baltimore Pub Crawls advertised to the public will have somewhere between 800 and 1500 participants.

How much money does a Crawl Baltimore Pub Crawl cost?

The cost to participate in a Crawl Baltimore Pub Crawl is $20. Group rates are available for smaller guided crawls by emailing

What specials do I get on a Pub Crawl?

With Crawl Baltimore, each participant receives three (3) shooters included with the ticket price, as well as specials at all of the stops on the Pub Crawl. The specials at each bar are determined by the establishments in advance, and are subject to change based on availability.

So I’ve bought my ticket to the Pub Crawl. Now what?

On the day of the event, bring either your hard copy of your ticket, a print out of your receipt from the website, or your LivingSocial voucher to one of the bars that is listed as a “Registration Point”. This is where the fun begins. Once you show up with your ticket, your age will be verified and you will be issued a wristband. This wristband is what identifies you as a member of the Pub Crawl.

How do I redeem my shooters?

Each wristband will have drink coupons attached to them. Rip off one coupon at the bar you would like to redeem them at, and give them to the bartender. You must make a beverage purchase when using your shooter voucher. Gratuity is not included with the shooter voucher, so remember to tip your bartenders. Remember, happy bartenders make happy drinks.

How old must I be to participate in a Crawl Baltimore event?

All participants must be at least 21 years of age or older on the date of the crawl. No exceptions.


How long is registration open for?
Registration will be open for the first 3 hours of each crawl. For example, if a crawl is scheduled from 1pm-8pm, registration will be from 1pm-4pm. If you have booked a private crawl, your registration hours will be listed on your contract.

Does Crawl Baltimore provide transportation to and from the events?

No. It is the responsibility of all participants to arrange transportation to and from the neighborhood where the Pub Crawl is being held. Remember to plan a ride in advance, or to bring a Designated Driver.

How do we get from one bar to the next?

All pubs on Crawl Baltimore Pub Crawls are within walking distance of each other. 

Can I bring my drink out on the street?

Some bars have outside seating and allow guests to bring their drinks to the tables, but only to the tables. Baltimore City has open container laws, and they will enforce them. 

I love this Pub Crawl! I’m going to get wasted!!

False. Crawl Baltimore encourages all of its guests to drink, eat, and be social.  We do not, however, condone over serving our guests. It will be the responsibility of the Crawl Baltimore Guides in conjunction with the bar staff at all establishments to determine if and when a guest must be “cut off”. If you exhibit signs of gross intoxication, you will be asked to forfeit your wristband. 

It’s raining. Is there still a Pub Crawl?

Yes. All Pub Crawls are rain or shine. In the event of a major weather event or natural disaster, tune in to your local television or radio stations for update.


I have a great idea for a Pub Crawl theme, or I have a charitable cause I’d like to raise money for!

That’s awesome! Crawl Baltimore is always looking for suggestions (and more reasons) about our Pub Crawl themes. Feel free to send any ideas to . Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

I have more questions, that don’t seem so frequently asked? How can I get in touch with you?


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